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Twenty-three. Melbourne, Australia.
Visual merchandiser for Tony Bianco.

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lipstikshoesaustralia asked: Hey its kalli :P Ive seen both coats up close. The half looks cheap. The full is sooo nice and soo warm but get a small i reckon. I remember it being a small fit! xx

Hey girl! Oh that’s good to know, I was def leaning towards the full fur coat anyway :)

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thickshake asked: they are both mint but i reckon half, it's more different! where are they from??

They’re both by cameo!

I love the half too but I’ve wanted a full black fur for so long. Ahhhh so hard to choose!

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If my HofS package doesn’t arrive tomorrow I will cry.
New post up now ➡️ / featuring @poppyamelia_ @quayaustralia @jeffreycampbell

staunchest asked: & I'm going to third that, you absolutely rocked the hat ! ! ! Suits you so much! I wish I could wear them but it just doesn't look right with short hair

You’re back!!! And thanks girl. I love a good hat in winter, maybe it’s time to start growing your locks again?

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maneatingorchards asked: YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE IN HATS. what is wrong with some people? you're my hat sister.

Fuq da h8rzzzzzzz. I actually feel very Tegan in that photo, you’re my inspiration

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lovers-who-uncover asked: Hat looks amazing on you like everything else does! Eff anons xox

Thanks you fine thang xxxx

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xeak asked: The hat looks fab on her, you idiot !!!!

Haha thanks lovely!
I really have no idea how people can be bothered to send pointless shit like that on anon!

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Anonymous asked: Don't think that hat suits you...

I couldn’t care less of what you think anon…

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